6 Hacks for Organically Boosting Your Alexa Ranking

Create Unique Content

People have questions and they are seeking answers on a daily basis. By writing on a topic of interest, you will be able to capture their attention. Create informative, educational, inspiring, and practical content and you will automatically boost your Alexa ranking. There is no shortcut to this. Make your headlines bold and eye catching.

Renew Content Daily

It is not just enough for you to create great content. You have to ensure that you maintain a fresh hold on the content you create every time. The question then is how often should you churn out content to boost your ranking? Daily is your safest bet. Touch your site daily by updating it and adding new content. When you ping your activity, your traffic will surge and your ranking will improve.

Be a Guest Blogger

You will build authority in your niche if you write for other blogs. When you Google “write for us”, you will find several blogs and sites that accept guest bloggers. If you do this often enough, it will drive more traffic to your blog and increase your Alexa ranking by growing your back-links within your niche.

Optimize Keywords

Content is king, but keywords are the king-makers. Your content won’t see the light of day if it can’t be found by your intended audience. As such, you should ensure you do not overlook the importance of keywords. When you have a topic you want to write about, don’t just research information on the topic. Remember to research the various ways people are searching to find information on your topic and incorporate their search keywords into your writing. Here are the most important steps to take to optimize keywords:

  • Decide on a topic
  • Search for keywords
  • Incorporate keywords into your writing with a density of 1-3%

Leverage on Social Media

Let your blog or website link out to your social media accounts and be very active on social media. It is an investment that takes time to show but that really pays off eventually. Ensure that you touch each of your accounts several times a day. Here are some social media groups that can jump-start an active social media account:

Build your Credibility

There is no shortcut to this one. You have to make a serious effort to genuinely meet people’s needs and create value for your audience. Find out what people are searching for by going to Quora or Yahoo Answers. Answer their questions and sign your name on the response. You can also link out to articles you have written about such topics.


It is a lot of work but boosting your Alexa ranking is about taking these steps. These hacks will boost your growth and if you keep at them, sustain your visibility. These hacks are like growth hacks that help you access a wider audience that is already seeking out what you have to offer.