How to Create Passive Streams of Income

Ever thought of the possibility of earning money effortlessly, or even while sleeping?

This is the difference between a passive and an active income. While active income requires the trade of your time and energy for money, passive income allows you to earn money without actively “working”.

With passive income, the only work that is required is in setting up the income stream, and afterwards, you can start to earn without any direct involvement in the business.

Passive income is the only way one can get rich and stay that way. This is how the wealthy operate. The average millionaire is said to possess about 7 streams of income. Imagine applying that to an active income, with having 7 jobs simultaneously– that simply is impossible.

The time we all have in a day is simply not enough to allow for multiple jobs. Even if that is possible, you wouldn’t be able to keep to it for long. On the other hand, passive income does not require your active participation in the work done. This makes it one of the best ways to earn.

Passive Income Ideas

Ready to start earning passive income? Here are a few things you can do to get started.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is simply referring a product or service for a commission. When you become an affiliate, you are given a referral link that only you can access. When you get this link, you promote and distribute it on as many platforms as possible. As people click on this link and are taken to the company’s website, you’ll earn a percentage of profits whenever the customer makes a purchase or registers for a subscription.

Examples of companies with affiliate programs are:





Write an E-Book

The internet is making things better every day. Authoring a book is no longer a big deal. Authors can now self-publish or create an eBook. All you need to get started is expertise on any important subject and the willingness to share it. Once you’re done, you can go ahead and sell it on platforms like Amazon. Your book just keeps on selling. That becomes a stream of passive income.

Sell Products Online

Products can be created digital and sold on the internet.  These products are usually easy to create and sell. Platforms like Etsy allow you sell just about anything. You just create the products and keeping selling them for passive income.

Sell Photos

This is for people who enjoy taking pictures a lot. These pictures can be sold to stock photo companies, and as such, create a passive stream income. Every time your photos are downloaded or purchased, you are given a commission by the stock companies. Your aim here is to take photos that are rare to find on the internet.

Renting Out Space

This usually has to do with space in your home. If there’s a guest house or extra room, you can rent it out to travelers or tourists through Airbnb. There are companies that serve as middlemen between your rental space and your customers. These companies will be responsible for managing the Airbnb rental. They also clean the space and promote it to increase occupancy, meaning more profits for you. This way, you are involved in less of the process.

YouTube Videos

This is one effective way of creating an income, even though it might take a lot of time to start generating a substantial income. All you do is make videos on a particular niche and afterwards get people subscribing to your channel. As a YouTube publisher, you can make videos that cut across a variety of niches. Once your viewership grows, you can begin to monetize – place ads on your videos and generate revenue anytime someone watches them.

Long-term Thinking

Passive income is usually a long-term venture. It may not generate cash flow immediately, but in the long run, you get to appreciate its value. There’s a lot of fun with earning via passive income: the only effort made is initially setting up the income stream. After the stream is set up, you can go to sleep and watch it generate income over and over again. With passive income, the possibilities are endless and unlimited.