Hurray! You have made the life-changing decision to open a drop shipping business. Drop-shipping is one of the brilliant ways to generate income with minimal investment upfront – there aren’t many opportunities like this one, and if you can make it work for you, there are certainly good times ahead.

The question you must now be asking is how to start making explosive returns. Keep reading to find out exactly how to start your own successful drop shipping business.

What is Drop Shipping?

Drop Shipping is an opportunity for you to be the middleman in a transaction process. If you have an online store that sells cat jewelry, and a customer orders for a cat necklace from it, you will place the order for that item of cat jewelry from your drop shipper. This means that the drop shipper deals directly with the customer. The drop shipper sells the item to you at a wholesale price and you charge the customer the retail price. The difference is your profit!

How to Get Started

Your decision to open a drop shipping business will naturally be faced with many questions. The first step is to set up your store, and you can easily do that on Shopify in less than one hour. Once that is done, you can work on promoting your store and generating traffic and new sales. These steps will get you started:

  • Pick a niche
  • Decide on a domain name
  • Locate your drop shipper
  • Set your store up

How to Locate Drop Shippers

Here are reliable sources through which you can find the drop shippers of your choice:

  • Doba
  • Amazon
  • Salehoo
  • AliExpress

If your shipper is from China, please use e-packet shipping or Express shipping, as these options take about 5-15 days, unlike standard mail which can take 30-45 days. If you use standard shipping, your deliveries may be delayed and it will negatively impact customer satisfaction for your business.

Getting Traffic to Your Store

If you have followed the important steps of choosing a niche, setting up your store and locating drop shippers, you still have the responsibility of driving traffic to your store so all your hard work can pay off. You need social media to make this happen for you. You must be on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media platforms. You should also ensure that you are active on these channels.

You must engage your audience several times a day. Create your store profiles on these channels and let them be aware of your existence. You can also draw huge traffic from StumbleUpon and other smaller social media platforms like Pinterest and even Snapchat. You should build your Instagram following to several thousand and ensure you post engaging content that will draw many likes on Facebook.

Ensure your profile name is the same across all these networks. You may want to focus on building one or two accounts at a time to avoid being overwhelmed. Create a schedule for your promotional activities and stick to it.

With these steps, you can be sure your drop shipping business will prove to be more than anything you have ever dreamed of.