Recently, more and more people are getting excited about drop-shipping as a business opportunity.

This is largely because of the benefits it offers – eliminating the hassle and expenses associated with being a store owner, particularly in carrying inventory. The benefits of not having inventory are endless. No inventory simply means no inventory or warehousing costs. It implies that there will be no need for packaging, mailers, shipping service or membership.

Even though drop shipping is so popular, breaking into the arena is not an easy task at all.

Finding drop-shippers in your industry requires a lot of work and research skills. This is especially true when searching for them online.

There are websites like Salehoo and Doba that can help with lists of drop-shippers, however, this will require paying certain upfront costs which may not be appealing for a start-up. You’ll still have to vet and negotiate with these companies, with no guarantee of acceptance.

My Experience

For years now, I have been in the business of drop-shipping.  The industry was a little different when I started, with no information or guidance on how to go about the business. I did a lot of cold emailing, asking for help and guidance. This helped a lot, as I got to lay my hands on some useful resources and information. With this information I have gathered over the years, I have had to develop my personal strategy for drop-shipping success.

Let me share with you 12 distribution/supply companies you can try out, cut across various industries. Here’s the list:




Sugarlips Wholesale





Ruby Imports

J Goodin

MMA Silver



Mega Goods

Nova Tech



Home Goods Galore

These are just a few of the numerous available drop-shippers that you could start working with. Bear in mind that list includes just a few of the many I have worked with. My best experience of all has been with Aliexpress.

Drop-shipping with Aliexpress

The first step is to sign up. Aliexpress is a single store that offers products in a variety of categories. You can find literally anything you’re looking for. After sign-up, the next step is to browse for the products you need. After your selection, next is contacting the seller and asking them about the possibility of drop shipping. Another way of finding whether a product is for drop-ship is typing “dropship” on the search bar.  The results you get are products available for drop-shipping. Once their dropship status is confirmed positive, you can begin the ordering and checkout process. Afterwards, the products are delivered to your customer, with the tracking feature still available via your account dashboard.

Note that this delivery usually takes about 3-5 days to complete. Also, make sure you let the seller know that you don’t need any form of payment information, such as an invoice or any other information included. You can choose to “favourite” the items you ordered, if you want find them easily when you come back.