10 Writing Tips to Increase Audience Engagement

You cannot expect any meaningful conversion when your content is without any form of call to action that would encourage your audience to interact with you. Separate yourself from other internet marketers who are concerned about views and impression. Let’s be realistic, only user engagement translates to a constant flow of traffic, leading to increased profit. To make this happen, you can follow this guide to change the tone of your content and increase user engagement.

  1. Give your Users What They Want

You can only do this with an accurate knowledge of your niche. You need to study your niche and the audience. Be there to answer their FAQs where they hang out, comment on their concerns, provide the needed advice, tips, and hints that they will share with other users.

  1. Create Two-Way Traffic

Join conversations and discussions in your niche and make your presence felt. Getting the best results without generating viral content requires you to create two-way traffic with your content and commentary. Invite other users to respond to you, ask questions, and push conversations forward. Don’t try to lecture anybody, just be a voice that adds commentary and enriches conversation.

     3. Invite Guest Bloggers

With guests, you’re able to bring in fresh thoughts and ideas to your platform. With fresh ideas, you are broadening the conversation, which reduces the need for you to crank out more content. A post by your guest bloggers will expand your credibility and further build a solid relationship with your followers. An added advantage of having a guest blogger is that their own followers may join your audience and you’ll be able to reach more people.

     4. Create Surveys and Polls

People love to be asked what they think. Create short surveys and polls to get information and encourage an atmosphere of interaction. You can also give users an incentive or little surprise thank-you gifts, such as special reports, handouts, cheat sheets, and other free information that can broaden the conversation in relation to your niche.

  1. Create Contests

Everyone loves a good contest. Make contests related to your niche and the free items you wish to give away, or products you wish to sell. Contests that are free to enter can generate a lot of positive buzz.

  1. Perk Up their Passions

Choose hot topics that are currently being discussed a lot, or items in the news. Avoid being offensive or controversial, but do ask what users think and try to host a conversation without too much controversy. Don’t be partisan, be logical and entertain a variety of viewpoints.

  1. Use Images Strategically

A picture is often worth a thousand words. Use images to support your content and captivate readers in a way that a headline might not. The image could also encourage comments and other forms of engagement.

  1. Use PowerPoint Decks and Videos

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a good deck or video could be worth tens of thousands of words. Post on prominent social sites and embed in your own site or blog. Consider including a transcript of your deck when you post it anywhere and you can take advantage of additional traffic based on keywords. Turn on the comments section and see what people are saying.  Engage in conversation with them as appropriate.

  1. Don’t Skimp on Tags

Think of tags as keywords that will drive traffic in a number of ways. Today, users of social sites can click on a tag and see all of the latest information published in relation to that tag. Tagging is therefore one of the best ways to attract a niche audience, who will be the most interested in engaging with you.

  1. Create Your Own Discussion Board

If you have a website or blog, add your own discussion board where you can post in-house comments and threads that will encourage interaction. Q and A threads, as well as FAQ formats work well in driving engagement.

What would happen if you focused on writing for more reader interaction, rather than more traffic? Try these suggestions and test out your theory. The results may surprise you!