7 Costly Social Media Mistakes

The social media is now an essential, if not vital, part of any digital marketing strategy. This is because it not only builds a company’s online reputation, it also serves to enhance customer engagement. Don’t get preoccupied by the number of customers you will get. Don’t be so quick to push for the next big digital marketing campaign. Remember, there are various pitfalls along the road to social success. Some could cost you money, your reputation, or both. Before you end up costing yourself through simple yet avoidable mistakes, find out what they are. Here are 7 mistakes to watch out for as a social media marketer.

  1. Unrealistic Targets

Before setting off on the next big campaign, understand what you want to achieve. Set targets that you are sure to meet. If your campaign is targeted at getting more sales, then you should focus more on re-branding and sale promos. If it is targeted at getting more followers, then you should focus on creating contents that are more engaging. For instance, you could introduce a challenge on Instagram where the person with the most likes and re-posts wins a prize. Starting a campaign without a realistic target only disrupts the growth of the business.

  1. Incomplete Profiles

Every social media platform provides a place for important contact information such as website, phone number, email address, etc. Make your profile as informative as possible. Make sure to include all relevant basic information that potential customers or clients want to know. Make it easier for them to differentiate your brand. Create a unique logo and add it to your profile. Also, if required, add a precise and detailed description of what you do.

  1. Not Enough Followers

It is unrealistic to say that you want to promote your business when you have very few followers. Many business owners sign up for too many social networks that they are unable to manage. No-one patronizes a business with a dormant social media account. Be relevant and attract as many followers as you can on your social media platform. Look through suggestions that pop up and follow those that are relevant to the promotion of your brand.

  1. Jumping into Promotions

Social media is not about marketing, it’s about building relationships and communities. Do not bombard your followers with one advert after another. Don’t be too aggressive in pushing your products on social media. Your followers will get tired when all they see is ads upon ads. Find what works well for your audience and focus on engagement rather than sales. Once your credibility and your followers’ interests have been established, sales will follow.

  1. Misusing Content

Understand that each social media platform you use is a different environment. Therefore, have unique content for each platform. Remember, your customers are following you on different platforms and you lose credibility once you post the same content. Tailor your messages accordingly to have the best impact. For example, use more images on Instagram and more of text-based contents on Twitter.

  1. Not Engaging with Followers

If your audience feels like you are not responsive, they will quickly lose interest. Do not make the mistake of ignoring their questions, concerns or criticisms. Appreciate them, and refer them to URLs or customer care representatives when necessary.

  1. Striking Back

There is the saying that customers are always right. Getting the occasional harsh comment on social media is inevitable for virtually any business. However, be professional in your response. Do not strike back and respond arrogantly. Be careful not to lose the goodwill you’ve managed to build.