7 Ways to Simplify Your Social Media Marketing Strategies.

Adopting the right social media strategies can be a hard task. There is too much information to process and use within 24 hours. Despite the complexity of social media marketing and interactions, there are a few steps you can follow to streamline how you use social media platforms to support your business.

  1. A Knowledge of Your Niche is Essential

Entering the industry, you must have carried out thorough niche research that identifies your audiences’ problems, needs, interests, weak points, strength and their purchasing power. If you have not done your homework, you have to do this. Your research will reveal the social platforms where your prospective clients and target audience spends their leisure time. Target those social platforms, you are reaching out in a stream instead of using a bait in the Pacific Ocean.

  1. Brainstorm Content with Viral Potential

Hot content is the kind of content that will appeal to those in your niche. As you do your niche research, you will probably see the same questions coming up repeatedly. Make a list of them and create content that answers these questions. Be sure to create paid products that do as well. Free products lead to paid products.

  1. Use Your Content For Growth

When you create excellent content, you will be able to reach more people than ever before. For each piece, translate it into more than a single format. Convert each of your content ideas into an article, a Youtube Video, PowerPoint Slides, and a Top 10 Lists. Your slide deck could become a video on YouTube which you would then embed on your site. You could also share the deck at popular sharing sites like SlideShare, owned by LinkedIn, which has very convenient sharing buttons for all of the major social networks.

  1. Schedule Your Contents To Active Periods

Only publish your contents to periods that assure of the active presence of your target audience. Scheduling this content to these periods will help to achieve this. You obviously can’t publish leveraged content on the same topic back to back, but you can use your blog scheduler to set the date and time in advance and, for example, publish one piece each month for several months. Make video posts your first priority. Try to build up a robust YouTube channel, full of interesting content that will gain followers. If you are working alone, create your own calendar and follow it. The plugin Editorial Calendar for WordPress is incredibly useful. If you are working in a team, set up a shared calendar to make sure something of value is being published regularly.

  1. Learn to Utilize Automation Tools

If you are on the WordPress platform, there are a wide range of range of plugins that will create share buttons so people can easily click to share on various social networks. Other available plugins will announce your new content on your social sites automatically, such as WordTwit for creating a link to your content on Twitter.

Then there are specific tools that will allow you to schedule posts in advance, such as Buffer, which will link with a number of different networks, and ViralWoot, which allows you to schedule Pinterest pins in advance. These tools have both free and paid levels, so you have nothing to lose by trying them out and seeing how useful they are. If they make your publishing on social networking platforms easier, the cost will more than pay for the benefits in terms of the amount of time you will save.

  1. Devote a Specified Time Daily

Social media can eat up your time if you’re not careful, so block out 2 appointments of 30 minutes each, morning and evening, so you minimize the danger of getting distracted and wasting hours wandering around in an unfocused manner.

  1. Don’t Do It all, Learn to Outsource

Get things organized and in motion, then outsource the work to a reliable virtual assistant. Get your teenager or a young neighbor working for you, and free up your time to build your business in other ways.