Going From Zero to 1000 Instagram Followers in 14 Days

It is no news that Instagram has become one favorite social media platforms used by many people. Who doesn’t enjoy looking at pretty photos of what appeals to them? Besides, it’s easy to use, right? All you have to do is post pictures and videos and millions of users will flock to follow your profile. Unfortunately, creating an account and building a following are two very different tasks and the latter one isn’t easy at all. Are you planning on opening a new IG account? Don’t jump right in. Make your account one of the best in no time. It’s very possible to move from zero to 1000 followers within 14 days. Just follow these steps and experience the magic.

Step 1: Choose an Interesting Niche

Instagram is a fun place to be. We use IG to follow things we like, watch clips that interest us, and share with our friends. To get started on Instagram, you need to understand what would interest people. For you to post content that will get you followers, you need to understand your niche. Find out what you like and what interests you. You will notice that popular niches on IG are celebrity pages, food, travelling, fitness, health and news. Accounts built around these niches have millions of followers just because of the interests of readers. Growing accounts within these niches is a lot easier than work-related niches. Boring is not accepted on IG.

Step 2: Choose a Good Username

Getting a great username is the next big thing. If you want to be part of the coolest in the IG world, you need a ‘one of a kind’ username. Your username should attract people to visit your account. It should be short, easy to remember and even easier to spell or type. Sometimes, your desired username might be unavailable, but that shouldn’t stop you from getting a unique name. You can use dot (.) or underscore (_) to create a unique name. Try as much as possible to avoid using your real name – it just won’t stand out enough to be noticed. For example, ‘annathegorgeous’ is more intriguing than ‘annasmith’.

Step 3: Complete your Profile

Now is the time to create a page of great quality. How do you make it look branded? Use a related and visually stimulating profile picture. Using a real person’s photo, customized logo or anything which represents your niche is a good idea. Do not leave your profile as default. Also, try to write a unique, short and witty description for your profile. Not sure of what to write? You could use a catchy phrase or quote that best describes you.

Step 4: Post Quality not Quantity

Congratulations! Your profile is done. You are ready to start posting. It is important for you to understand that it is not about the number of posts you have, it is about the quality. It is better to publish fewer and higher quality posts than to upload 10 posts of lesser quality at once. When users check out your account, let them be wowed by the quality of your posts. Good quality posts mean more engagement.

Step 5: Follow Related Users

Now, you’ve got some quality posts. Who will view them and like them? It’s time to grow your followers. Instead of following hundreds of users of a single big account, follow 10-20 latest followers of 10 different accounts daily. Go to the explore tab, look for a post in your niche and identify the ones with strong engagement. Visit the posters’ account and follow their 10-20 most recent followers. On the next day, follow at most 150 users using this method. Increase by 50 everyday till you reach 300. Don’t be in a hurry to follow all at once.

Step 6: Communicate with your Followers

Now that you’ve got yourself some followers, it is time to make them stay. The best way is to stay active and respond positively to all comments. Like the photos that your followers post. Everyone loves free likes and staying engaged with your followers will encourage them to actively engage with you.