How to Super-Charge Your Pinterest Following

Pinterest is constantly evolving to cater to online shoppers. Have you been on this platform pinning your new arrivals or latest blog posts, and getting no response? Why not get your A-game on by finding out the most effective ways to boost your following. Learn how to leverage this platform correctly and you’ll find yourself getting the most value for your effort. Follow these steps to get on the right track for Pinterest success.

  1. Follow Best Practices for Pinning

Having a few simple pinning tactics ensure great user experience and help your pins get found. These rules of pinning should guide you:

  • Add pins to relevant categories to enable users to discover your content when browsing.
  • Ensure you write detailed pin descriptions to add clarity and context to your pins.
  • Make sure your pins always link to the correct items.
  • Ensure you spread your pins out over time in order to reach more users.
  • Pin consistently and set goals to achieve this.
  • Do not forget to re-pin. This will allow about half of your content to be sourced from other users.
  1. Develop Amazing Content

Pinterest relies heavily on visual content to keep their audience engaged. If you want your brand to stand out, you need amazing visual contents that your followers will love. Take time to explore other boards. You will discover that most popular pins consist of “real” photographs and graphics. Therefore, you need to take your own photos and produce your own graphics to earn more followers. Some visual contents ideas that you can use are:

  • Infographics: They make use of imagery, data and text-based information that can keep your audience hooked from start to finish. They are perfect because they provide valuable information and are visually appealing at the same time.
  • Descriptive Images: Pictures with a clear message are effective in connecting with Pinterest users. They have proven to generate more engagements. All you need to get your descriptive image is a tool like Canva, a beautiful image and something important to write.
  • Videos: Video content is arguably the best in audience engagement. This is because it incorporates sound along with visual elements. Videos are effective in building trust and driving traffic to your site. Just take note that you can’t upload your video clips directly to your Pinterest account. Instead, the file must be hosted on an external platform like YouTube or Facebook Live.
  1. Build Your Showcase

If you are not running a business account, you need to take advantage of Pinterest’s brand-building features by converting your existing account to a business page. In a recent update, Pinterest now allows business accounts to create a rotating showcase. This can be used to highlight your best boards and capture the attention of new visitors. To build your showcase, simply click on the red plus button in your business profile. You can showcase up to five boards at a time. However, you should choose wisely. Choose the boards that reflect what your brand is about.

  1. Engage your Audience

For every social network, it is important that you interact with your audience to maximize engagement. Pinterest is not an exemption. You have to respond to comments, follow popular boards, and leave your feedback in your followers’ popular pins. For effective engagement, you have to make it easy for your audience to pin content from your site. You can do this by using Pinterest’s widget builder to integrate a “save” button straight into your content.

Follow these tips for Pinterest success and watch your engagement results take off in no time.