Practical Steps to Getting 150 Followers Free Every Week

Instagram is one of the most used social networking applications today. It is an instant creative social app utilized by both individuals and corporations. Are you a business owner who is trying to promote his/her business? Have you spent so much time picking the perfect picture and writing a wonderful caption, only to get a few likes? Do you keep following as many accounts as you can without generating many follow-backs?

Are you looking for a method that can help you skyrocket your numbers of engaged followers? Look no further, you’ve just got yourself a solution. Free might sound unrealistic but it is achievable. Free doesn’t mean you won’t have to work to earn the results, it just means that you won’t have to spend money, but you’ll definitely spend time. Here are practical steps to getting you 150 followers every week for FREE.

  1. Generate Likable Content

The first step to getting more followers on Instagram is to generate the right content. Most business accounts often neglect the importance of good content. It is imperative to find out what your customers enjoy seeing and populate your account with that type of content. How can you find out what appeals to them? A good way to find out is by checking out what your competitors are posting. Also, find out what kind of imagery is used in the websites or blogs that are popular in your industry. For instance, if you own a food business, posters with humorous food quotes, quality food images, are safe to post.

Understand that you are running a professional account, and as such, it should be left as that. Uploading your personal photos would be a bad idea, unless the photos fit in with the theme of your brand. For example, you cannot post a picture of yourself with your dog but you can post a picture of how you’ve organized your food table. Engagement is king on Instagram. Once in a while, try to upload images that trigger an emotion or present thought-provoking phrases or ideas. These are great for creating engagement.

  1. Use Hashtags

Once you’ve uploaded some great content, it is important to make it easy to find. Hashtags help viewers navigate easily to topics they are interested in. therefore, attaching #hashtag(s) to your images enables your content to be found more easily by those who do not follow you. Don’t just use words that come to your head. First, research the most popular hashtags in your niche, and compile them. Your niche is a specific field or market that your business targets. Build a huge list of keywords that you find relevant to what you do and what your images are about. Then, start a comment on the photo and insert the hashtags there. Don’t put hashtags in the description of the photo itself (it is less engaging).

Mind you, excessive hash-tagging can be harmful, so find out how many hashtags is too many in a study from Buffer.

  1. Tag People in your Posts

Tag people you either want to connect with for partnership reasons or people you believe fall into your niche. When you tag other brands that are similar to yours, they may re-post your content to their large audience. Partnerships can evolve from the simple tag of a photo. This will greatly increase your follower base. Don’t just tag, do some research to determine who to tag. Start including these brands or individuals in your relevant posts from time to time and you’ll make great connections in your niche.